Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Great Indian Elderly's "I last you saw you when you were this small" sentiment

Well after that rather self-explanatory title let me explain the circumstances that led to my writing about this. I had gone this morning to an uncle's house - I like to abbreviate long drawn Indian relationships to uncle, aunt'ie' and cousin to keep long stories short - to pay my condolences - that sounds so different from what I was there for - on the passing away of his wife, when another uncle who was there and who had last seen me when I was a litle kid was terribly overjoyed to see me, patting my head, pinching my cheeks and going on about how I look soooo much like my late father (Well I do, a lot of people see the the black and white photograph of his younger days and think that that's me) and that set me off thinking.
Well he certainly wasn't so enthusiastic to see me when I was a kid. But maybe he was this time. Maybe time makes you react that way when you see someone young grow up into an adult. Maybe this 'you were this small when I first saw you' sentiment of older people which is much ridiculed by young people is genuine after all. Maybe if I go abroad for 10 years and return I won't stop telling my nephews how much they've grown. Heck if I go Hyderabad on a visit I can't stop talking about how much it's changed. (It's still as hot as ever in summer. Wish that could change somehow.) Maybe the fact that I understand this sentiment means I'm getting old.


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