Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Star Trek and the whoosh in outer space

Statutory message :
The following material may be offensive to hard core Star Trek fans and I'd love to bring it to their notice.

-- It's funny, how in office when we do asfs with foreign language audio, we can't understand a single word, not a single word for the whole 30 min or 90 min length of the file, but in Star Trek whoever you meet, how many ever thousands of light years away from Earth, he speaks clear English and maybe even with your accent. Hail English, language of the Universe. Do I hear murmurs of 'universal translator'? I'll look that up and get back to you. Anyways alien lang audio and subtitles at least, would have been a bit more authentic to communicate the difficulty in well, communicating in that circumstance.
PS Thank God, the alien in 'Predator' didnt speak English.
-- But what really takes the cake, and this gaffe seems to be an integral part of all the Star Trek avatars, from the old to the new, is the 'Whoosh' sound when the Enterprise or the Voyager or perhaps the alien ship or even a torpedo, whizzes past. THERE IS NO AIR IN SPACE, SO NO SOUNDS. PERIOD. It's amazing they keep adding that sound after all that research which goes into the episodes.
-- And of course the 'all aliens are humanoid with some funny patterns dabbed on them' routine does look stupid at times inspite of the effort in the pattern creation.


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