Thursday, April 13, 2006

Are Full Length Feature Films with Classic Cartoon Characters a Good Idea?

Cartoons are perhaps like quickies.
Quick and short, you don't remember the details but you remember it was good.
So making a full length movie with characters who rely on pretty clichéd yet interesting sequences (I wouldn’t want to say clichéd being a big fan myself, but for lack of better words to use...) isn't easy. And in "Looney Tunes - Back in action" it shows - I caught it on TV the other day.
With Brendan Fraser (of ‘The Mummy’) and Jenna Elfman (of ‘Dharma and Greg’ – "blonde" but never turned me on) it hardly holds your attention despite some of the good classic cartoon action sequences and the new-age movie practice of spontaneous spoofing. (This trick has hit big time these days.)
Perhaps as the next installment after "Space Jam" "Back in Action" is truer to cartoon theme having no significant plot and relying on the incidental sequences to hold your interest. But you'll sit through it fully only if you're a Looney Tunes fan like me. It's okay - but could have been better.

PS It's hard to say what would be a good classic cartoon movie. Even "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" was hardly a cartoon movie. It was a good flesh and blood detective movie with cartoons thrown in. It was not as if, if you replace the cartoons with humans the movie would lose its effect. Maybe in a good human + cartoon movie the human characters too should capture the essence of the cartoons... And I shall sign off now before I venture into unknown territory.


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