Monday, May 14, 2007

'Haan' ya 'Na'?

Boy gently reminds girl in the midst of a rather long and good conversation that he has asked her out quite some time back. Girl remembers his invitation now.
Boy: So what are you waiting for? Till I ask you out 10 times?
Girl: Smiles silently.
Boy: Or maybe 9 times?
Girl: …Perhaps 9 times.
Boy: I ask people out, three times, not beyond that. That’s my personal limit.
Girl: But you haven’t yet asked me three times?
Boy: I’ve hardly asked anybody three times.
Girl: Hmmm… okay!

Epilogue: Yesterday was a revelation. It was like what happened to Buddha when he sat under the Bodhi tree that fateful evening. I suddenly realized (again!) what a dork (actually what a useless fuckin’ failure) I am when to it comes to women.
Cerebral Palsy