Friday, September 29, 2006

O Priyanka!

I am now the proud possessor of a SPICE TELECOM calendar featuring Priyanka Chopra on all of six pages, pity they couldn’t have twelve pages for the year. As a happy coincidence the July-August page, which was when I got the calendar had the prettiest picture of them all. Well pity now it’s September and I have to turn the page. Generally been bugging everyone announcing the presence of the calendar, asking people to say “Hi-Bye” to her too when they greet me. Continue to bug them by exclaiming “Priyanka Chopra makes it all worth it!” after a grueling round of work-assignment.
PS : Well it's almost October now by the time I got round to posting this diary entry. This actually is a diary entry and sometimes she does make things worth it.


Blogger Manu said...

would you believe I have Priyanka as my wallpaper at the time of posting this? She's wearin a black halter top and little else, and mum spotted it. But ofcourse Pri makes it all worth!

6:32 pm GMT+5:30  

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