Thursday, July 03, 2008


She was talking to me weighed down by the disappointing revision. She definitely seemed down, something she rarely is. I was gazing in the general direction of her bra strap. It was best to look away from her face during these kinds of conversations.
It wasn’t very turning on, actually. It seemed faded and one could even see its shiny steel clip.
She had a set of new dresses stitched recently, all with wide necks. Too wide for her small frame and perhaps that was causing the bra to peek out.
She was going on about how humiliating the verdict seemed. It was almost next to nothing. Which was indeed true. But from a business point of view there wasn’t much one could counter the decision with. Sometimes it seems best not to reason out some decisions.


Blogger Debnath Goswami said...

Better not to wonder during conversation, be focused

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