Friday, August 08, 2008

AVs - 6th Aug 2008

Catching the morning train:
- Lone cabs silently prowling the darkness, piercing it with their headlights.
- A city slowly stirring to life, amidst a chorus of automobile horns.
- The train chugging away, speedily leaving the city in the early morning light.

Journeying the morning train:
- Cloud capped hilltops looming up in the green-carpeted landscape.
- The rhythmic clatter of the wheels punctuated by vendor calls of 'Idli- vadai'.
- Sunbeams breaking through the cloud cover and shining straight onto my seat.
- Sunflowers turned to greet the morning sun
- Travelling through a patchwork of fields of black soil, ready for planting.
- Passenger laded autos spluttering along empty village roads.
- Painted shrines nestling on rocky hilltops.


Blogger Jayant's World said...

Why do you create such a long hiatus while writing blogs. I am sure lackadaisical approach is what kills you everyday.

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