Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Reprise: From one Barista to another...

Well, that's how I spent my Monday afternoon.
Did you know that you can sit in a Barista for an hour and not order anything? You can escape the summer heat in its air-conditioned environs and not order anything. Maybe you do. I didn't. But, hey, we did order at the second one.

I travelled 30 kms by bike yesterday through pretty much empty roads - it was between 4:00 to 5:00 pm - with small stops for fuel and to receive calls and of course at traffic lights and the journey took me around 55 min. So that puts my average speed at 30 km/hr???
And this was with me driving as fast I could - Top speed during trip 85 km/hr - within safety limits. Is 30 km/h, like a Bangalore city limits standard? Maybe.

Making up for the long hiatus,
here's a reprise from my Dick'uns line of Q&A jokes that I'd made up in college.
1. What did the dick call his autobiography?
2. What did the critics have to say about it?
3. What the unsuccessful dick think he was experiencing?
4. Why was the dick hired as an advisor in the army?
5. Why did the dick always consult economists?
6. Why civil engineers seek the dick's advice?
7. And just on a lark I'll end with this one:
What's white, gooey and falls from the sky?
(Answers in post above)


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Put up the answers awready!

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