Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Near miss of the day:

Last night, a BMTC bus driver after narrowly missing a two wheeler crossing the road in front of him at the stoplight in front of the NIMHANS gate, said in delightfully colorful vernacular:
(reproduced here in Hindi in an attempt to keep the effect)
"Bhai, tere liye toh ambulance ki bhi zaroorat nahin padti,
seedha stretcher mein hi andar le ja sakte the."

Monday, February 26, 2007

‘Hit ya miss’ of the day:

I was checking out the profile of a pair of headlights while riding last night and another pair turned into my path ahead.
PS - Do I need to specify that only the second pair belonged to a vehicle?

Stupid Google query of the day

Keeping with the practice of Gawker-bhai here’s my ‘stupid Google query of the day.’

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Chrome plated interlude

I popped out of office yesterday (if you can call dodging two, three and four wheelers and also some garbage and sewage in a choked service road ‘popping out’) around 5:00 pm to pick up my bike which I had given for servicing. With my head swimming in office thoughts I wasn’t really feeling good.
But then suddenly I entered an ethereal chrome plated confine with sleek fluorescent lights and even sleeker speakers and well… twin TV sets playing a soothing song from ‘Humko Deewane Kar Gaye’ featuring the ever-so-soothing Katrina Kaif and my head cleared a bit and I even started feeling good....
I had entered one of those gleaming-insides Hosur-Bangalore buses plying along Hosur Road to KR Market.

It definitely felt better than the outside though the fact that it wasn’t moving thanks to the choked road wasn’t too good. That would increase my trip time. But hell, who wanted to walk and cross the stretch of still traffic. This was good. Everything felt good. Even the poster of Trisha looking down at me, which said 'DVD Coach'. Must do this more often.
PS Emraan Hashmi and the delectable Udita Goswami were next with ‘Jhalak dikhlaja.’
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