Saturday, September 16, 2006

Need for Speed

Getting back to my pet peeve – I think every Bangalorean’s pet peeve – traffic.
(You know why Englishmen talk about the weather, it’s pretty much the most miserable aspect of their lives. Now you why we Bangaloreans talk about traffic.)
Returning to my previous unscientific attempt to measure the average speed on Bangalore’s choked roads on the basis of one journey. I got a figure of 3o km/h then, I think. But then I found that I would need a proper range of samples. What I noticed that for very short distances in the city centre, 4 km for example (MG Road to Sheshadripuram) the travel time during peak hour is 15-20 min and the average speed consequently is an appalling 12-16 km/h. To even out these variations I think taking my former daily commute of 17 km – 45 min (peak hour) would be a more balanced sample giving an average speed of 23 km/h. This would also match with my current commute covering some of the worst stretches (27km-1:15 hrs) – average speed 22 km/h. So considering these not so unscientific considerations I think assigning a range of 20-25 km/h for the average speed to cover peak and medium-peak hours would not be so wrong. What do they say about double negatives? You’re not too sure of what you’re saying or more likely you’re trying to confuse in case you’re not too convincing. So to end on a more convincing note…
[Sweeping instrumental music]
Average speed on Bangalore’s jammed roads as researched by yours truly:
20-25 km/h
[Sweeping music dies down; Applause]

PS : With apologies to SDH transcription.


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