Saturday, September 16, 2006

Zen and the Art of Blog Maintenance – I desperately need to know this.

To give you the impression that I'm such a magnificently well organized person I shall now proceed to make up for the vast expanses of time elapsed with no posts by forcing excerpts from my diary on you thereby creating the mistaken impression that I maintain both a diary as well as a blog. (Though admittedly I’ve hardly been maintaining the blog lately.)

Diary Entries: People

Big eyed, bright smile Miss T:
(Yeah, she has striking big eyes and a pouting smile;
reminds me of these new-fangled animated Disney cartoons.)
I came out of the loo and headed back to the reception - yes, the men’s loo in for our office is outside the office space in the building’s common area - and saw Miss T engaged in some banter with a junior. She looked like she was headed out. She had just flashed one of her bright smiles at me about half an hour ago when I was still in, the office that is. I picked up my bag and left and she too was done with her conversation and turned to leave when I brought up some convoluted queries about whether she was done for the day and if so how come because it was late evening and she worked the night shift. Once those were done and I learnt she had a wedding to attend came the surprise question of the evening, “You’ve come by bike?”, she asked and I all I noticed were those big eyes. “Yes”, I answered slowly and expectantly. “Oh, even I’ve come by bike.” she chirped. Then why did she ask, I wonder. The passage down three flights of stairs to the basement was quickly lost in some more inconsequential banter and all I remember is her quick, “Okay then, see you tomorrow.” once we reached the parking lot. But the most significant event of the evening was only after that. I went to my bike, took it off its center stand and realized that the rear tyre was punctured. Badly, I discovered later.

I was on a call with C today, my source for previous exam papers, and it stretched into a solid 45 minutes. Thank God for free Airtel-to-Airtel. I had never realized she wanted to talk to me so much. I mean, I used to see her in class and maybe we had exchanged a couple of “Hi, Bye’s”, but 45 minutes of phone conversation? Actually, she was doing the talking and I was doing the listening and hopefully all this listening will pay off someday. It was nice to hear her story of overcoming her parents’ opposition first to her working in a “private company” – a bad word according to elderly Indian government employee standards, her father is one – then moving to night shifts in a BPO and finally her move to a job with Siemens’ accounting back office operations here. When I hear these stories I somehow relate to them like a white guy in a strange India. I mean, I’m a rooted Indian, but these things don’t really move me. They’re funny though, girls. They don’t think twice about pouring their heart out to a bloke who just happened to call them, for the first time, because he couldn’t take prints of the papers forwarded to him by mail.
And the boy-girl social code too is skewed and kinda helps them. I mean – in a subsequent call - she can get away with a “Oh, you work in Brigade South Parade, that’s soooo close to my office” as merely familiarizing herself with the area, but if I had said the same thing I would be a bad boy who had only one thing on his mind.

C and a couple of others:
I met C for ‘xeroxing’ – about time the Oxford Dictionary recognized that too, I mean if they can accord Shanghaied and Bangalored legitimate status - the previous question papers sets. The others in question were pretty keen on running off on some related errands leaving the two of us minding the ‘xeroxing’ – I think photocopying is better. So it was time for me to pull a few cheap stunts on my enthusiastic partner like “Oh, there’s something in your hair”, and then running my hand through her hair, let me clarify that there was something in her hair. And then while walking, nudge her out of traffic with “Oh, there’s an auto coming.” Of course there was a lot of conversation too with a certain D popping up, I don’t know why. Oh yeah, D is a he, by the way.
I think she finally saw through my moves when I went overboard while walking on the pavement with ”Oh, there’s a transformer” to which she replied, “ Yeah, I see it.” All said and done it was a nice evening with no pricey Coffee Day coffee thrown in.


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