Saturday, September 16, 2006

Diary Entries: Hookin’ in the Rain and other grosse-ceties

Friday 18th May 9:00 am
The stretch of road outside my office witnessed some frenzied activity last night. It was raining - well in Bangalore you can never say whether it’s raining or drizzling – and clients were busy negotiating with the hookers who seem to line the street every evening. Everywhere wanted to get somewhere warm and dry or maybe “hot and steamy” quickly. It was funny in its own odd way. The ones waiting with umbrellas were busy ruing their not having got business yet. Two wheeler riders took cover in their helmets and the ones in cars took care to stay well within the dark inside while negotiating, but people who know them could always recognise them or at least make out the by the vehicle. Perhaps this was keeping with the old Indian movie tradition of rain drenched love making songs. Rain in the old movies - especially in the 80’s. Sridevi for instance has done plenty of these - seemed to really arouse the carnal instincts in the couple.
Mmm… ♪Jalta hai jiya mera bhigi bhigi raton mein
Aaja gori chori chori ab toh raha nahi jaye re ♪
-Pardonner-moi it dates to even older times. This is a Kishore Kumar song. -

And it’s really odd that hookers seem to line the most prestigious address in Bangalore every evening. Well at least earlier they used to be designated “red light” areas. Maybe the authorities want to develop MG Road into a one-stop shop. Had a hard day video-conferencing with your clients in North America , wining and dining visitors in the Oberoi and seeing off people to the airport, Perhaps you could do with a spot of paid sex. Picked up right outside your workplace.

Friday 18th May 7:00 pm
For the record, Sharath, they were better dressed today.
Maybe it’s the approaching weekend. Uhhh…Do hookers work weekends as all their clients perhaps need to get back to their families then for some ‘quality time’ then?

Tuesday 20th June
8:00 am: Today’s was perhaps the first peak hour (morning) shower of the season and I had to get soaked in it thanks to somebody’s insistence that I drop them. Wasn’t nice at all to drive in the rain…Or was it a drizzle? Like I’ve said above, in Bangalore it’s hard to say.
12:00 pm: My clothes are still wet!

Friday 23th June 8:40am
Nose picking bliss at 65 km/hr… That’s what I was up to today on my way to work. Also the weather was just puuuuuuurrrrrfect.


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